Interconnected UK (iCon UK) began as a group called “Intersex and Allies” which has been operational since 2018. The group was formed when members of existing intersex-led groups came together, with an aim to provide a peer-support space and guidance space for families and the public.

iCon UK was officially registered as a charity in England and Wales in January 2020 (registration number 1187605).

Our goal is to provide peer support; advocate for better protection, human rights, and to educate society towards understanding and acceptance. 

iCon UK represents the interests of people born with intersex traits/variations of sex development and diverse or differences in sex development (DSD). We do not use just one term, as we know each carries its own purpose and community. At the heart of iCon UK’s core belief is the positive representation of all people with intersex traits/VSC (variations of sex characteristics).

Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic had big impact on our programme in 2020. Please bear with us as we adjust our plans to fit the new reality as well as work on more comprehensive website. In the meantime, you can message us by filling out the contact form here.

Our Trustees:

Magda Rakita describes herself as an intersex woman, to best reflect her lived experience. Support and community group meetings had a tremendously positive impact on her life and experiences as an intersex person, and she is passionate about building supportive spaces for other intersex people and their families. She is co-founder of Fundacja Interakcja – first intersex-led organisation in her home country Poland. She lives in Cambridge, UK and works as a documentary photographer.

Anick Soni is an intersex activist and has been publicly sharing his story since 2015. His work has appeared internationally and has worked with a variety of Non-Profits, Governments and Media outlets. He has a degree in Law and is currently studying Childhood and Children’s Rights from a multi-disciplinary perspective. His area of focus is on how to support children and caregivers who are impacted by variations of sex development.

Lih-Mei Liao is a clinical and health psychologist who has worked with people born with variations in reproductive and sex characteristics for 25 years. Until recently, she was a consultant and head of department at a leading NHS hospital where she played a pivotal role in developing the world’s first known multi-disciplinary clinic for affected adolescents and adults. The service has been a going concern since 1998. Her deep and at times heart-breaking conversations with service users point to a real need for peer support and a sense of belonging. She is passionate about the work of Interconnected UK to build a community with and for affected people and their care givers and champions.